Web Development

Welcome to My Shop Manager Multimedia Department. We are proud to have the opportunity to create your new home on the web for your shop. Below we have put together what we will need to get started in building your site.

Get An Attractive & Personalized Website

Our Multimedia Department will queue the buildout of your site only once we have received all of the pre-build information. Your new site will be built within 21 business days from the date the pre-build form is submitted and the points purchase complete. You will get a development link to view the site while it is under construction. This development site is not live and will not be tracked by analytics.

Each site consist of the following:

  • Home Page
  • Contact Page
  • Services Page
  • About Us Page
  • Specials or Coupons Page
  • Vehicle Service Lookup Page
  • Myshopmanager Reviews Page
  • Schedule an Appointment Page

The Cost:

Website builds are $480.00 (50,000 points). This includes the construction of the 8-page standard site, setup and basic SEO. Hosting fees are included at no additional expense as part of your monthly MyShopManager subscription. 
For updates to your existing MyShopManager hosted website, a change-fee of $98.00/hr (10,000 points) will apply. Basic updates (ie: address updates, phone numbers, any potential errors) will be completed at no incremental cost. We will scope out the estimated work/hours needed and let you review and approve before proceeding with any changes. Standard turnaround time for site edits is 7 business days, depending on the scope and depth of the edits. Extensive changes may require extra time.
Each site built by MyShopManager is considered Intellectual Property of MyShopManager. All domains transferred to MyShopManager are considered property of the shop and control can be turned over at any time for any reason.
*Please note: This form will not send if any of the required information is missing. When submitting, please make sure you get a confirmation notification that it has been successfully submitted.

Web Site Pre-build Form

Your Shop Colors

About Your Shop
If you do not have a current domain Please enter a requested domain name. We will attempt to purchase it for you. If it is not available we will give you a list of available domains close in nature to your requested domain. Services

Please choose the look you would like for your new site. Demos of each design can be viewed by clicking Live Web Site Demos button at the top of this page.

Copyright Info
All media sent to must be property of the Shop. This includes all images, text, descriptions, videos, and artwork. All licensed images such as vehicle manufacturer logos must be licensed for use by the shop requesting this site. Any reported violation my result in portions or the entirety of your site being taken down.